Building Online Careers for Modern Musicians

by Austin Zhang

My 1 hour and 42 minute mindstorm of numerous ideas I've collected and learned about why people pay money for art and how you can leverage the internet to take full advantage of it.

Made available to you for free thanks to the generosity of @streamstandorg

Full description:

The music industry has lost major income streams due to the pandemic. As if making a living as an artist wasn't hard enough! Austin begins this workshop with two simple beliefs:
1) Money is exchanged for things, acts, ideas, or feelings that are deemed valuable
2) Your music and your art are deeply valuable to millions of people, you just need to learn to use the internet to find them
Through this workshop you will learn to:
Clarify and articulate the value of your art through the internet
Find your smallest viable audience and serve them deeply
Turn yourself into a production company
Deliver impactful art to digital audiences with an extremely high quality to cost ratio.