"I am me" Release Live Stream Concert

by Austin Zhang

Tuesday, August 2nd at 8PM Eastern (purchases made after can still view)… I’m bringing the trio back together to perform a special live streamed concert for you all. We will perform all the music from the record and some newbies for you as well.

If you know my company, Brave Sound Productions, you know that this stream will be studio-grade. Multiple DSLR camera angles, multi-tracked audio, all streamed to your living room:)

Even though I tried to keep the studio date as “live” as possible there is still always the pressure in the studio of getting a solid take and keeping it short and sweet. There will be no such sentiments on this stream, we’ll be exploring this music without constraints! They’re may be some time for some Q&A as well. Looking forward!

My buddy Michael Shapira will be filling on drums as Michael Wang is now based in London. A Michael for a Michael;)

You can view the content after the payment.