October 28, 2021

How To Sell Products On Instagram Step By Step- Part 2

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

There are three general ways to get your posts in front of potential customers on Instagram.

  1. Grow Your Audience Organically
    By regularly posting high-quality content and using hashtags, you will gradually build an audience of people on Instagram. Ultimately, building an audience by publishing interesting posts is the best long-term strategy. Unfortunately, it can take quite a while to build up your audience on Instagram. If you need faster results, consider working with influencers
  2. Grow Your Instagram Followers With Influencers
    Influencers are people on Instagram who have developed a large following. When an influencer posts about your products to their followers, you can earn sales right away. The downside is that you usually have to pay an influencer for them to post about your company. There are two popular ways to pay an Instagram influencer. You can give them free products or pay them to post about your business.
  3. Use Instagram Ads
    Working with influencers is powerful, but it isn’t suitable for every company. Sometimes you want exposure for your company, and you want to control the campaign entirely. In that situation, using Instagram advertising is a good solution.

    To sell products on Instagram, use Instagram shopping ads. Specifically, there are two ways to use ads.

    • Boost a post. If you have an Instagram post that has already gone over well with your audience, you can boost that post to a larger audience.
    • Create an ad from scratch. Open the ads manager and choose ads with product tags. With an ad, you can give customers a clear call to action. For instance, you might want customers to see products in all their glory on your website. In that case, use the “View Website” option.

How to Sell Digital Goods on Instagram?

So far, we’ve focused on selling products like clothing and other physical products on Instagram. Selling digital products like ebooks, courses, and audio recordings is another matter. Unlike products that have to be shipped, digital products can be delivered in a matter of minutes.

There are a few ways you can sell products on Instagram.

  • Create an Instagram. Create a photo or video post about your digital product and promote it with advertising or by working with influencers.
  • Encourage past customers to share their experiences. If other customers have bought your digital product in the past, ask them to post their thoughts.
  • Send customers to your website. Fully describing the benefits of your digital product on Instagram is probably not practical. That’s why you should aim to send customers over to your website to learn more and buy the product.

Showing a digital product on Instagram is a bit difficult, so take an indirect approach. If you are offering an ebook for sale, consider showing the title page in your Instagram post. In your post, make sure to tell customers that you are offering a digital product with words like this “this is a digital product, so you’ll get the product in minutes.”

Make It Easy To Sell Digital Products Using PeachPay

Use Instagram posts to send potential customers to your website to learn more about your digital products. Let’s say that you are selling a video course. Take inspiration from Creative Live, a video course company. In most cases, CreativeLive lets customers watch one or two free videos from the course as a preview. You can use the same approach when selling digital products on your website. Let customers see part of the product before they buy.

Now that your customers are ready to buy, it’s still possible to lose the sale. If it is challenging to buy the product, you can lose sales. That’s why you should install PeachPay on your website. You can add a simple buy button to your website. You can install PeachPay on your website in a few minutes and start selling products in minutes.

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