The Tantric Friendzone Voyeur Pass (90 day sneak peak)

by Traveling Healer

You've been following my videos for a while or you joined my group. Now, you are curious about my personal life.
You want to know what the #polylife is truly about.
When I met Sole', I started a blog to document our blossoming relationship as well as show the new women what to expect.
So far, the responses have been mixed.
Some women feel like I share too many explicit details.
Some love seeing me please other women.
Either way, this is the only blog I've seen that shows a man truly living a poly reality.
Now, I'm ready to show outsiders how I live.
This is your chance to see my personal blog.
Until now, I have only sent this content to women I am dating.
I have never and will never post these intimate details on mainstream social media.
This is the only place you can meet the ladies I work and play with in my free time.
I have tons of private videos and stories to share. (No porn, sorry!)
You will be able to see my Sacred Male dominance in action and witness the organic manifestations.
I truly love my female friends.
I'm sure you will love them too!

You can view the content after the payment.

$ 29.99