Infinite Abundance Fast Track Initiation

by Traveling Healer

On average, it takes an initiate 12 months to become a fully vetted and trained member of Infinite Abundance.
There are also usually up to $5,000 in costs involved for consultations, meetings, and educational materials.
We realize some people rather move forward on their journey now and begin reaping the benefits.
As a Fast Track Initiate, you will receive priority attention and complete your initiation in less than 90 days.
Here is exactly what you receive:
Background check ($50 value)
An advanced template for your Crucible. ($300 value)
3 months (48 hours total) of intense Warrior or Wizdom training. ($2,400 value)
Secret Energy Initiation session. ($500 value)
This super intense initiation package is worth $3,250
For the next 5 initiates, we are offering an insane price of $1,500 for this package!
If this page is still up, the offer is still available.
Due to the nature of this purchase, there are NO REFUNDS!
Text for updates or special pricing 623-473-1911.

The file will be downloaded automatically after the payment.

$ 1,500.00