How to Set Up Donations on Twitch – Twitch Donation Button

Step 1: Create an account on PeachPay.

Creating a PeachPay account takes 1 minute and requires only an email address.

Go to PeachPay and click signup on the top right.

Sign Up PeachPayFill in the form with your email address and a password.

For a business name, you can use your own name if it is a personal account.

Sign up page PeachPay

Step 2: Now on your PeachPay dashboard click the link on the left.

 connect a Stripe account

Step 3: In order to receive payments through PeachPay you need to connect a Stripe account. To receive cryptocurrency payment you will need a Coinbase Commerce account.

Stripe account

Step 4: After connecting Stripe you can create your Pay Me page.

Payme Page - PeachPay

Step 5: Setup your Pay Me page as shown in the below screenshot. Remember to enable preset values and to select a payment method to receive funds in. You will need to have Stripe or Coinbase linked for these payment options to be available. You can also choose how to manage splitting the transaction fees. And you can upload a photo or logo by tapping the icon at the top of the page.

Setup Pay Me page

The Pay Me page is generated and you are good to insert this Pay Me link into your twitch profile.

Pay Me page - PeachPay

Step 6: Add Social Link Open a new tab and sign in with your Twitch account. Then from the drop-down menu select the channel.

Twitch Account

Scroll to Add Social Link and provide your Pay Me Page URL (For example; You will need to provide some text for the link.

Add Social Link


Your donation link will be shown in your channel profile;

Donation Link - PeachPay

Step 7: Add Panel Image Link

Go to your profile page (click the avatar to get to this screen) and select Edit Panels as shown below;

Profile page - PeachPay

In order to create an image on your profile that links to your Pay Me page you will need to configure this menu;

Add profile Image

Click Add Image and upload an image for your profile that will link to your Pay Me page. If you don’t have an image right click on this button below and click ‘Save Image As….’;

Pay with PeachPay

Fill in Image Links To: with your Pay Me page URL. For example;

Now hit Submit and you’re all set.

Show your next donation with PeachPay Overlay!

Add a donation alert to your stream to incentivize more donations using PeachPay Overlay

PeachPay overlay works seamlessly with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook for Creators, and many more, and it is free to use.

Overlay for Streamers

Here’s how you can enable PeachPay Overlay.

Step 1: Find the new Overlay banner on top of your PeachPay profile page and switch it On.

Overlay for Streamers

Step 2: Choose the Overlay type you want, transparent or Peachy.

Overlay for Streamers

Step 3: See how your Overlay looks like. Copy the URL, and paste the link in your OBS. That’s it.

Overlay for Streamers

Add a donation Overlay and make your Livestream to create an eye-catching and more interactive streaming experience for your viewers.

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